About us

The Dynamo Project of the Vlaamse Sportfederatie provides management and administration support to the members of the boards of directors and the managing staff of mainly sports clubs in Flanders/Belgium.

The key tasks of the Dynamo Project are:

  • dissemination of information and knowledge via user-friendly brochures, tools and other products
  • help desk for the sports clubs
  • skills and competences education
  • customized support

The thematic focusses of the Dynamo Project are:

  • business administration
  • managerial competences
  • accountancy
  • communication
  • taxation
  • sponsoring, subsidies and funding
  • human resources
  • insurances
  • volunteering
  • assocation legislation

Meet the Dynamo Project team

You can contact the Dynamo Project as follows:

Vlaamse Sportfederatie vzw - Dynamo Project
Zuiderlaan 13
B - 9000 Gent
Tel: + 32 (0)9 243 12 94

Coordinator: Pieter Hoof - pieter@dynamoproject.be